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A mouth-watering mix of freshly cut passion fruit and pineapple slices are placed on top of a buttery tart base.  Every canvas is a journey of its own and this one will travel your mind to tropical places.  Your taste buds will fuel the trip...Available in 20ml Longfill and 50ml ShortfillI..
A buttery tart filled with warm custard and gentle notes of nutmeg.  A simple but wonderful combination that will make you keep asking for more.  A perfect reflection of what Da Vinci famously said: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"...Available in 20ml Longfill and 50ml Shortfill..
The perfect balance between a rich pastry cream, America's finest tobacco blends and a gourmet mixture of carefully selected aromas, leads to a magical result.  It is highly satisfying, like a beautiful painting that makes you keep dreaming...Available in 20ml Longfill and 50ml ShortfillIt come..
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