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Sweet Dreams

Whatever form of caramel you have in mind, name it. It is not about another liquid with a combination of different flavors but about a taste that combines the best versions of it. Rich mixture of 3 types of melted caramels made 1. Butter caramel, milk caramel and dulce de leche come to compose a liq..
The dessert that managed to stay No1 since 2010 where it was voted the most popular cake in America until today. Carrot cake with a classic American cake base, crushed carrots inside and a frosted cheesecake cream topping.Available in 30ml Longfill and 100ml ShortfillIt comes in an original 120ml Ch..
You must have tried many donuts. Have you ever felt the real feeling? The one that makes you think about the next one? The one that unites the dough with the Bavarian cream and the melted sugar glaze on your palate? If not then you will surely be surprised!Available in 30ml Longfill and 100ml Shortf..
We are not talking about an ordinary tart, but a butter tart mix based on New York cheesecake. Pieces of whole fresh sweet Indian mango in its best version combine harmoniously with the base and come to bring a new vaping experience that will fascinate not only mango lovers but also those who never ..
A feeling comes to mind when you hear the word velvet. But when you combine it with the words milk, cream, biscuit and butter, the senses take off. Nothing less than what you imagine. A milkshake with a strong milk taste, a velvety texture given thanks to the cream and light notes of butter cookies...
One of the most expensive sweets in global confectionery. The reason? The excellent ingredients that contribute to this gourmet result. The mascarpone cheese that is a key element of its cream, the crushed beans of exclusively freshly ground coffee, the thin layer of the finest cocoa, the subtle not..
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